Some of the coolest stories you'll hear all day come early in the morning. Usually around 5 or 10 minutes before the top of the hour during The Bobby Bones Show. You can hear the Bobby Bones show on Kickin' 100.5 Weekday mornings from 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM. In case you missed it, here's a wonderful 'feel-good story.' Morgan Hulesman from the Bobby Bones Show wrote:

76-year-old Betty Campbell had a really tough 2020 only for things to get even worse on the last night of the year.

Campbell lived in a shed in her sister's yard because she was unable to use the stairs in her sister's home and it was destroyed in a fire on New Year's Eve. The shed and all of her belongings were gone, including the remains of her son, who died of coronavirus last April. She told WRAL, "It hurts, it really hurts, especially to know my child is in there, burned up again. [...] I know I will never get his ashes back."

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Her son died a month after Campbell lost her house. Yet, she was still working two jobs to keep things afloat. That's when she moved into her sister's yard. Thankfully, Campbell wasn't in the shed at the time of the fire, but she did lose everything she owned.

Raleigh Station 11 responded to the fire and couldn't stop thinking about Campbell after getting back to the station. Captain Dena Ali went on Facebook to try to collect some money to gift Campbell a gift card and maybe some clothes.

Within 24 hours, Ali got donations from all over the country. People donated $4,000 and they were able to give it all to Campbell. Not only that, Lt. Marcus Horne, of Victor Company, a non-profit made up of minority firefighters, worked with Ameriglide to install a lift in Campbell's sister's house for free. And Heister Chevrolet made her a new set of car keys at no cost so she could still use her car despite the original car keys being in the fire.

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