Lunchbox’s Twitter got hacked and he thinks someone is attacking The Bobby Bones Show.

A listener called in and shared that he used to be a white hat hacker. The day after that call, Lunchbox’s Twitter got hacked, he lost control of it and can’t get back in. The same thing happened to Scuba Steve’s Facebook page, so he thinks hackers are coming after the show. Lunchbox thinks it happened because he doubted the listener’s hacking skills, he wanted to prove it to him by taking over his Twitter. The hacker changed his account to a company and used a weird picture, but then changed it back to Lunchbox and used a different picture of him. They aren’t posting any spam and just have control of the account. The hackers also changed his handle name. It’s no longer @RadioLunchbox and was changed to @Biast_K2. If you search his name on Twitter, it no longer exists.

He didn’t have the two-factor authorization set up and says he didn’t click on anything sketchy for this to happen. He did notice when he logged on a few days before he got hacked that he got a notice that said there was an unusual log-in attempt from Ontario, Canada. He went to set up the two-factor authentication then but didn’t know his password. Four hours later when he went back to set it up, his account was hacked. They aren’t sure if he’s lost his Twitter account forever and are working on trying to get it back

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