Nate Smith called into The Bobby Bones Show as his debut single “Whiskey on You” is almost the number one song, why he pushed back his album release and the first time he called 911 and his dad showed up!

Nate Smith has a lot to celebrate these days. He’s getting ready to hit the road with Thomas Rhett on his ‘Home Team 23 Tour’ starting in May. His debut single “Whiskey on You” is approaching the number one spot on the country charts, and he has a new album coming out soon!

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Smith’s life has changed a lot in the last few weeks since his song started to take off. There’s a lot of excitement amongst his family and friends as they have been watching the chart and rooting for him. The inspiration for “Whiskey on You” came from his breakup with his ex-girlfriend. Two days after they broke up, he had a writer's retreat at a lake house and got the inspiration for the song there. At the writer’s retreat he wrote multiple songs but felt like “Whiskey on You” was the one he really needed to focus on. He recorded the vocals for the demo sitting at the kitchen table, and then recorded it in a studio in Nashville, but said it didn’t feel right. So, they ended up mixing the demo which is the version that was released.

His debut album was originally going to be released on February 17, but he pushed it back to April 28. He realized he doesn't have a lot going on in February, and figured it’d make more sense to release the album while he’s doing big things in the Spring like being on tour with Rhett and performing at Stagecoach.

When asked if he’s ever been in a real-life emergency, he shared a story from when he was nine years old. He and his brother were at a dog training event for their dog. He convinced his brother it was their grandmother at 911 and to call it and make Beavis and Butt-Head jokes. They kept calling the other person on the line a butthead until a police officer showed up, who happened to be his dad. He took them to the station and made them apologize to all the dispatchers. To this day they still call him 911 boy.

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