If you listen to The Bobby Bones Show (Weekday mornings 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM on Kickin' Country, you know that Lunchbox has been gone for a couple of weeks. He's been good for a good reason, he's a new Dad, again! Details here! 

Lunchbox is officially back on The Bobby Bones Show today (October 26) after his paternity leave with Baby Box 3.

Officially being a dad of 3, Lunchbox says it's so awesome but "it's exhausting." He revealed several things about the day of birth for Baby Box 3. His wife was induced early because of some health issues. They were taking naps at the hospital when she woke him up to tell him she was going to ask for the epidural. Quickly after she said that, she was in labor. Lunchbox revealed that she only pushed for 9 minutes before Baby Box 3 was born. The shortest amount of time Lunchbox's wife has had to push, with their first baby she pushed about 9 hours and with their second baby, she had to push 4 hours.

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They didn't find out the gender of Baby Box 3 until birth. So as soon as the baby arrived, they found out Baby Box 3 was another baby boy! Lunchbox confessed that his wife wanted a baby girl and she cried after the birth, but he wasn't sure if that was because she was in pain or because of it being another boy. As of now, Lunchbox's wife said to talk to her in 6 months about potentially trying for a baby girl because she's still in a lot of pain from Baby Box 3's birth. Right now they're just over the moon excited about their newest addition and they're ready to see how things transition as a family of 5.

Lunchbox brought a clip of Baby Box 3's first cry and it's a really sweet moment to hear. He also added that there is definitely "no paternity test needed," because Baby Box 3 looks identical to him. He added "It's a boy! I'm 3 out of 3."

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