One of the Bobby Bones Show's producers Swiftie Lauren got married over the weekend.

Morgan and Abby went to the wedding with their boyfriends, but the rest of the show was unable to attend. Bobby encouraged Eddie and Lunchbox to send her a wedding gift even though they didn't attend the wedding. Eddie listened and purchased one of the last least expensive things on the registry. Lunchbox moved too slowly, waiting until after the wedding and then some and now he's mad that everything is so expensive on the registry. He was going to buy something but now he doesn't want to.

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He spent the entire segment yelling about all of the different expensive things on the list. He does have the option to purchase a $50 Amazon gift card or contribute to their House Fund, but he doesn't want to do that because he doesn't think it will go to buying a house. He then started to think about the things at house home that he could "re-gift" her or things on the pallet that could be a good gift.

Swiftie Lauren gets back from her honeymoon next week and Bobby hopes she will be able to thank *everyone* for their gifts.

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