Christmas inflatables. We've all seen them around South Dakota and it seems they are more popular than ever. The tallest inflatable I've seen in a store is a 12-foot Santa Claus, but in 2020 that height doesn't seem to cut it anymore.

Bobby Bones was talking about a British man named Ray Liddell who was trying to outdo last year's Christmas decorations and impress his daughter Jasmine at the same time.

Liddell found an inflatable Grinch decoration online for about $700 and he was in for a shock when it arrived at the house. Mr. Grinch stood 35-feet, taller than his house. It's a tall house. Liddell admitted that he failed to look at the size measurements on the website description.

As you might expect, the inflated Grinch became an attraction and people would show up to take photos with the Grinch.

As word got out about the giant Grinch, Liddell thought he could turn the accidental purchase into a way to give back to his community. So he began to ask photo seekers if they would donate to Alice House Hospice, the people who took care of Liddell's father until he passed away from COVID-19.

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