The Bobby Bones Show does a "get to know the show" segment every morning. Today, each show member revealed their favorite place on earth.

Despite Disney being the happiest place on earth, it wasn't the choice for anyone. Bobby shared his is a perfect weather Saturday afternoon at Reynolds Razorback Stadium and ideally the Razorbacks win. Amy said hers is definitely her sister's place in Colorado on a summer afternoon. She says their house is by a river and there's a fire pit by the river where her sister's kids play guitar and they make a bunch of food. She wants to go back there this summer.

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Lunchbox says his favorite place is Las Vegas in the summer time, where he would be in the casino until he wins then spend the rest of the time at the pool in the sunshine with drinks. Eddie recognized that everyone was talking about good weather so he told them all to go to his pick which is Hawaii, because it's beautiful weather there all the time.

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