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Brad Paisley stopped by The Bobby Bones Show with Jimmie Allen to perform their new collaboration "Freedom Was A Highway," but he also stayed to hang out with the show some more and to perform one of his hits.

The newly released "City Of Music" is a song Paisley wrote inspired by Nashville, Tennessee. He said it was difficult watching Nashville experience a tornado, a pandemic, a bomb, and a flood all within a very short span of time. But then he was looking at a story about all of those individuals who come to Nashville with dreams, and it inspired him to write a song about the celebration of Nashville despite all of the recent challenges. Paisley added that the new song encompasses the project he's working on right now.

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He's busy working on a new project, but Paisley is also widely known for his Nationwide commercials with Peyton Manning. Despite Paisley's whole shtick that he doesn't like being in a band with Manning, he says he really enjoys it. He added that Manning is just someone who is really awesome to work alongside.

Paisley helped surprise a listener named Chris while on the show. Chris called in and had no idea that Paisley was in the studio. But he had written Bobby Bones on Instagram and wanted to find a way to get Paisley to record an introduction to his upcoming wedding. Chris shared that he and his fiancé saw Paisley back in 2014 and knew that his song "Then" would be their wedding song. After years of going back and forth like a couple, the two recently reconnected and knew they couldn't be without each other, and are, of course, now getting married. Paisley did better than just sharing an introduction though, he also performed a version of his song "Then" for them to play at their wedding.

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