Growing up, I'd watch Timmy and Lassie after school. That collie was always getting Timmy out of a tight spot. Look, Mom and Dad, Timmy just fell down a well, or is trapped in a cave. Lassie was always ready to go get help. This morning on The Bobby Bones Show on Kickin' 100.5 Bobby was talking about people, helping a dog out. 

Cynthia Klaila hiked five miles up La Luz Trail and was headed back down when she heard a dog's cries. That's when Klaila saw a fluffy, white dog down at the bottom of a ravine.

The 80 to 100-pound dog was panting, shaking and lying on her side. The pup was about 50 feet down, and after her calls to 911 and 311 wouldn't go through, she finally got a call to a neighbor to go through. Then, the dog's owner showed up carrying a bucket and two jugs of water.

 The owner couldn't speak English and Klaila couldn't speak Spanish, and neither one of them could lift the large dog. So Kalila went back up the trail to flag down help. That's when she ran into Jason Bousliman on his weekly run. Bousliman was able to pick up the dog and carry it back up to the trail.

Bousliman was struggling to haul the big dog though. About a half a mile into the trailhead, a couple on vacation joined in on the rescue. But trying to carry the dog with two people on a narrow trail turned out to be too difficult. So, Bousliman hoisted the dog onto his shoulders and carried her the rest of the way.

After about an hour, the rescue team finally made it to the trailhead. Bousliman told Albuquerque Journal,

"A group of strangers coming together to save the dog of someone they didn't know and who didn't speak English was exactly the bit of humanity I needed to be a part of this week."

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