Lunchbox, Eddie and Raymundo had their Sore Losers Coaches convention over the weekend in Las Vegas with a bunch of listeners. They had a football watch party all together Saturday morning and two listeners who were there, Mario and Miguel, were looking out the window when they saw a guy run past and two seconds later a little woman ran by chasing him.

He had stolen her purse! Mario and Miguel jumped up and ran out of the bar to chase the mugger down. They ran around the casino and were able to trap him as security showed up on their bikes and they took him into custody. While he was running away, he ditched the bag he stole into a bush. They were able to find where it was by looking at the security cameras and the lady was able to get her purse back with all the belongings still inside. The thief had no weapons on him thankfully.

Lunchbox wanted to send a shoutout to Mario and Miguel who were with him in Vegas this past weekend for the Sore Losers Coaches Convention and stopped a mugger!

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