Amy had to move something from her home, but they recently got rid of her husband's truck. So they didn't have a vehicle to move the big item.

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They were able to borrow a friend's truck. They got the item moved and everything was great. The friend told them whenever they were done to just drop off the truck and leave the keys in the cupholder. He planned to be home very soon so it wasn't a big deal. So Amy did exactly as the friend said and dropped the truck off in the early evening and left the keys in the cupholder. Her son questioned it, but Amy verified it's what her friend wanted her to do.

 Turns out, the friend didn't get home as soon as he thought and the truck got stolen right out of the driveway. Amy felt really bad and wondered if she needed to buy him a new car. He reassured Amy that everything is going to be fine and his insurance will help him get a new car.

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