Yesterday on The Bobby Bones Show (January 18), Amy shared that her and her husband volunteered themselves to be chaperoned at their 14-year-old daughter Stachira's first school dance. Amy and her husband didn't ask their daughter first before reaching out to the school asking to be volunteers. The show gave Amy a hard time about the situation sharing that her daughter was going to be embarrassed, especially if she planned to have her first dance with a guy.

So Amy talked to her daughter about the whole situation after the show gave her their opinions. Today (January 19), Amy updated the show on what Stachira had to say about chaperoning. Turns out, Stachira heard about the whole segment at school. Her friends heard Amy talking about it, and so Stachira was aware of what happened before Amy talked to her last night. Besides that, Stachira admitted she doesn't care if her parent are chaperones. Though Stachira did say if they started dancing she would be embarrassed.


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