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Bobby Bones and Amy were discussing on The Bobby Bones Show today (January 11) what song would be autobiographical for them.

The conversation got brought up because of Maren Morris' new song "Circles Around This Town." She shared when she was on the show last week that the song is autobiographical about her move to Nashville. Bones and Amy were talking about biographical songs, and they had to chose one that described their live in its entirety or how they're feeling in life lately.

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Amy chose the song "All That She Wants" from Ace of Base. The chorus of the song goes: "All that she wants is another baby // She's gone tomorrow, boy // All that she wants is another baby, yeah." As it turns out, Amy revealed she wants to have another baby. She said she's been cradling and treating her cat like a baby and her kids both want her to have a baby. So this song is autobiographical for her in recent months and hopes to make it happen.

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