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Travis Denning stopped by The Bobby Bones Show with his guitar to perform things and talk about the new music.

When Denning is not on the road, he likes to spend time by himself fishing. And spending time with his fiancé, who he will be marrying in May of 2023. But before Denning became a touring country music star, he had a punk rock band. The band was his first dip into being an artist and his parents let him play his first ever show in their backyard. He was 14 years old, and 2 other bands played the gig with them. About 80 people showed up and his dad made everyone BBQ. Denning was so excited that he handed fliers out at school to get everyone to show up. Ironically, Denning wasn't the lead singer of the band, he was one of the guitar players.

 Now it's not a punk rock band, he's the star of the show and touring with Dierks Bentley. And he's got new music to play from his EP Might As Well Be Me. He hopes the song "Buy A Girl A Drink" from the new project will be his next single, but that hasn't been formally decided yet. While on tour, fans to be responding most to that particular song.

Watch Travis perform the first guitar lick he ever learned + his song "ABBY."

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