Recently, some of The Bobby Bones Show attended NASCAR in Nashville.

There were several country artists also in attendance, including Morgan Wallen and Kane BrownEddie was there and he believes that Wallen recognized him from the show. Eddie was walking toward the track pits and Wallen was walking away. The two passed each other and made eye contact. Eddie got excited and said "Sup, dude?!" to which Wallen responded with a hello and they gave each other daps. Eddie thinks Wallen recognized him and knew who he was from the show. However, everyone else believes that Eddie was just another fan to Wallen, including his wife.

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 The two of them didn't have any other exchanges or a more personal exchange, which is why most of the show really thinks Wallen was just being kind to another fan. Eddie was still convinced Wallen knew who he was and it's from working on the show.

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