Bobby BonesEddie, and Mike D got some very exciting news.

A few weeks ago, Bones reached out to the Dallas Cowboys' website to ask about interviewing Jerry Jones for his 25 Whistles podcast. After some back and forth, they asked if Bones would like to fly out for a game instead and interview Jones onsite. Bones said yes, but only if Eddie and Mike D could come along with him. Eddie and Mike D have been lifelong Cowboys fans so Bones only wanted the experience to happen if he could bring them along with him. Then Bones sent them the only date he would be able to go down for this NFL season, December 11th, and waited to hear back.

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He heard back from the Cowboys who said the date would work for Bones, his wife Caitlin, Eddie, and Mike D to come down for the interview and game. But even more exciting than that, they also said they would be flying them into the Cowboys game with Jones in his helicopter, then sitting in Jones' suite to watch the game. They're all stoked about the news, but it has caused a conversation about what they're going to wear. All of the pictures online show people wearing suits in the suite, but none of the guys usually wear a suit. Eddie normally wears a particular shirt for every single Cowboys game - but it's pretty old and "raggedy." Bones doesn't think he should wear that one, but Eddie thinks Jones will like it because of the history behind it. Lunchbox added he would likely get some free clothes to wear to help "upgrade his wardrobe." Bones suggests that one of them wear a jersey and one of them wear a Cowboys button-up. He plans to dress nicely since he's doing an on-camera interview, but he's not wearing a suit.

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