On The Bobby Bones Show last week, we put out a challenge for someone to write the show a 30-second theme song that we could use every day. If anyone nails it and we decide to use it, Bones shared that he would pay the winner $500. So far the show has received 5 submissions, and some people didn't understand the assignment of it being 30 seconds but they were fun nonetheless!

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The first BBS theme song submission came from a human named Greg Lato and it was a minute long. The next submission came from Mike Lubin and he wrote an entire song sitting at 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Adam Norris was the third submission and he was right at 30 seconds and it was an acoustic version. The fourth submission came from Evan Goodwin and it was around 37 seconds he made sure to note that he isn't a professional but said it was a fun weekend project for him. And coming in hot with the fifth submission was K9 who sent a Bobby Bones Show-themed song all on his own a while back. It's the one fans sometimes hear on the Post Show. Then there was a sixth submission from a Wyatt Dylan and the voice sounded very familiar, who the show quickly figured out was Lunchbox.

 As of right now, the Bobby Bones Show theme song contest is not over. Bones shared that more people can submit their songs and we will share them on the air next week. If anyone wants to submit they just need to send their theme song to mailbag@bobbybones.com with the title as "THEME SONG."
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