When it comes to life, it’s best lived by the book. Live life with honesty and integrity and you will reap what you sow.

Reaping and sowing also applies in the negative. I give you full authority that if a crazy idea like this comes to mind, shout at me, “Dan! Don’t do it!”

The Boston Globe shared the plight of a man from the Hub City whose goal was to weasel his way into collecting disability insurance and workers’ compensation. It didn’t go well to say the least.

My only time I’ve even attempted to collect workers’ compensation, the paperwork and verification process was not quite worth the time involved for the injury I received. It needed treatment, but was relatively minor. Don’t misunderstand me. For those who have suffered greatly because of an accident while working, you should be able to get proper compensation.

If you pay someone $2,000 to beat the fire out of you while working, my sympathy reservoir gets a little dry. The guy is a trolley driver and got thumped in 2016 and had been on the dole in the meantime. However, fingerprints from the weapon (a plastic pumpkin!?!) blew up the plan.

Charges against the Massachusetts man include insurance fraud, workers’ compensation fraud, misleading a police investigation and perjury. If the jury sees fit, this guy might have a different place to heal from his wounds.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure this escapade is going to cost more than $2,000.  Ill-gotten treasure has no lasting value. Proverbs 10:2. Learn the lesson, Dan. Don’t do it.

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