The guy is looking at a punishment much worse than having his mouth washed out with soap.

Police in West Monroe, La. arrested Jared Dylan Smith, 20, after he cursed in the presence of a senior citizen earlier this month. He was arrested on charges of disturbing  the peace.

Unfortunately for Smith, it's a "he cursed she said" kind of matter. That's because there were no witnesses at the time to hear his bleepin' crime.

"While standing next to my 75-year-old complainant, Jared yelled the word 'f***' and clearly disturbed her peace," stated the police report. It's unclear exactly what the circumstances were that led Smith to allegedly curse like a sailor.

Smith is now looking at a a maximum $100 fine and 90 days behind bars, which is probably more reason than he'll ever need to bust out the blue language again.

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