Ah, the old days. Back there in that small town 2 room grade school, learning reading, writing and 'rithmatic. And spelling.

Remember going up to the blackboard, picking up a piece of chalk...and in front of the whole class trying to spell Mississippi. Oh, it was shaky looking (nerves you know) but it was there and it was right. Mostly, anyway.

My teacher always told us spelling was important, no matter if we lived on a small farm or in a big city, and would be important in later life. Well, turns out she was right.

A guy named Jason Englen found that out the hard way.

You see, this 34 year old 'Einstein' thought it would be a great idea to rob a bank. No problem. So what the heck, that went so slick, let's rob another. And another. And another.

Yep, 'ol Jason had turned himself into what might be called a serial bank robber. My goodness, he was getting right up there with Dillinger and Baby Face Nelson and Bonnie and Clyde.

Except Jason apparently didn't pay attention back there in third grade. Maybe he spelled Mississippi or disentanglement wrong and thought, 'Aw what the heck, spelling's no big deal'.

Except it is a problem if you rob four banks and in each note handed to the bank teller you said 'This is a bank robery'.

Yeah, 'Robery'. Not 'Robbery'...Robery'.

Jason forgot a 'b'. And the authorities, the police folks noticed. Hmmm...this must be the same guy. A little police work and the next thing you know Jason is headed to the slamer...I mean, slammer. For seven years. And let's not forget the probation after he gets out.

All for the lack of a 'b'.

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