A woman in Oklahoma recently thought she'd found her perfect match while using a dating app. Seems they both enjoyed the outdoors and hunting - particularly deer hunting. And it was then that she took the conversation in the wrong direction.

The woman (whose name isn't being released) wasn't looking for a date with a judge or a doctor when she started chatting on the dating app Bumble, but rather with a guy who shared her interest in hunting - particularly deer hunting.

After learning her "match" liked deer hunting, she proceeded to start telling him about "bagging big bucks outside of deer hunting season." Big mistake! Little did she know she was chatting with an Oklahoma game warden at the time.

She told him she'd just "bagged a big old buck."

"With a bow," he asked?

"No, a spotlight that made the deer freeze."

If you're not up on your hunting regulations, in Oklahoma that's illegal, as is using a gun out of season.

It was then he asked her to send him some photos, of which she did. After receiving them he, in turn, then sent some fellow wardens over to her home to pay her a visit.

She and her hunting partner now owe $2,400 in fines.

So, I wonder if they plan on going out on a date anytime soon?

Source: Associated Press

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