Here's one you don't hear very often. It's one of those stories you couldn't make up even if you wanted to.

A Fort Lauderdale, Florida man came up with the brilliant idea of jump-starting his career - by robbing a bank and then stripping naked.

It all started when 25-year-old Alexander Sperber walked into his local bank in Fort Lauderdale, made a gun motion with his hand and demanded money from the teller.

He ended up walking out with just over $4,700. Now here's where it gets weird. After leaving the bank he then stripped naked and threw the stolen money into the air.

After being arrested by police he was taken to a local hospital and found to be "coherent." Why would they test to see if he was "coherent" you ask?

Because when he was being taken into custody he told the officers that he pulled the prank thinking it would jump-start his career as a comedian.

Source: Associated Press

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