After Eddie recently admitted he drove by Jack White's home on purpose to catch a glimpse of him, Lunchbox felt it was time he owned up to something he did.

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Months ago, we heard about Lunchbox seeing Sam Hunt with his wife and child out on a walk. Apparently, there was more to that story than what Lunchbox led the Bobby Bones Show to believe. After spotting the Hunts one time, Lunchbox decided to keep driving through the area to see if he could spot them again and "stage" a run-in. All of his drive-by situations paid off because he spotted Hunt, his wife, their child, and dog all on a walk once again. This time, Lunchbox was with his wife and kids and convinced them all to park the car and go on a fake walk in hopes of maybe running into the Hunts.

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Well, Hunt spotted Lunchbox and hollered at him so they had a five-minute conversation about living in that area... but Lunchbox doesn't live in the area. The show said this was definitely a creepy move and it's not something he should ever do again. Lunchbox felt the whole thing was really cool and he was pretty proud of himself.

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