Growing up in South Central South Dakota it was always farm first. Most of the small farms back then had Wheat and Milo as main crops and usually some animals. Mostly cattle.

Since my Dad had cattle trailers, I rode along as a kid to a lot of sales. One thing I remember was you would get a chewing if you didn't keep quiet when the markets came on the radio. We'd usually catch them on KXRB or one of the other local stations.

Like everything else, times have changed. The other day I produced a radio commercial for Heartland Angus Marketing. They provide the service of on line marketing of cattle. Today,  it's not necessary to load the truck and go to the sale, now you can buy cattle from the comfort of your desk or from your smart phone.

According to their website Heartland Angus Marketing;

The goal of Heartland Angus Marketing is to simplify the marketing of quality Black Angus Cattle and bring them to the fingertips of producers.

Bringing traditional auctions to an online only Platform.

This platform is available to any producer wanting to market their Angus cattle.

Everywhere you look, technology is creeping in the picture. Even farming and raising cattle come with incredible gains due to technology.

A black angus cow resting on grass looking into the distance
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Next time you see a pot belly truck hauling cattle give it some thought. Or while you're driving down the interstate and see cattle in the distance. The marketing of that livestock is changing daily. Today, buying replacement heifers or a new herd bull can be done with a few clicks.

One thing it can't replace is the building of relationships that cattlemen across the country are so fond of. I can name about 10 producers who raise cattle who are some of the most dynamic personalities you'll find anywhere!

Like it says on the website, it's another platform, available to any producer anywhere wanting to market their Angus Cattle!

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