If you're someone who loves cows more than people, then you're in luck when you're in South Dakota! Cows dominate the human population, and that's no bull!

South Dakota is not the only state that is overruled by cows. In fact, we are just one of ten states where at times cows have a commanding population over people.

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Other states where cows control the landscape include Iowa and Nebraska as well as the states of Kanas, Oklahoma. Wyoming, Wisconsin, and California.

So just how many cows does South Dakota have in the entire state?  Furthermore, how do these numbers compare with the other top states where cows eclipse humans?  Beef2Live is able to provide these answers with its recent article about cattle.

According to Beef2Live, South Dakota is ranked eighth when it comes to the most cattle throughout the entire United States. The state actually has "four times as many cattle as they do people."  The state with the most cattle? Believe it or not, it's Texas with over 12 million cattle in the state. In South Dakota, the state of "Great Faces, Great Places,” there are 4 million cattle.

Dairy cows are becoming increasingly popular in South Dakota, and the dairy industry is taking notice! The South Dakota Department of Agriculture reported in 2020 the state had 127,000 dairy cows which produced 3.1 billion pounds of milk that year!  This growth was so impressive an article in the Wisconsin State Farmer acknowledged the rapidly growing success of dairy farmers in the state. Woah!

I guess you can say the cows are really "moo-ving" the agriculture industry in the state.


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