I grew up a farm boy but I've been a town kid for quite a few years now (In fact, a few more than quite a few). But truth be known, a part of me never left the farm. Oh, I'm not sayin' I could pick right up where I left off (technology has changed quite a bit of things as I understand). But those farm memories all those years ago bend real nice and warm.

But as I was looking through one of my favorite website, ThisIsFarming, from the South Dakota Corn folks, they made me realize that those of us in South Dakota that 'live on the land' and those of us who 'trod the concrete' really have a lot more in common than we may think.

Volunteer Firefighting and First Responding, as an example. There they are side by side helping their neighbor, that farm boy/girl and that town boy/girl.

When it comes to food donation to folks in need the town people are right there giving, and of course the farmers and families donate, perhaps on an even more personal basis or through organizations.

Yep, whether it's supporting and teaching children, civic participation or serving in our schools and churches, you'll look one way and see a person that lives just off main street, and look the other way and see that person who live eighteen miles down the highway and a mile north off the gravel road.

I guess what this great article reminded me of was, if you're out there on the farm or ranch...or you're in the middle of South Dakota's biggest towns, we have a lot in common. And one thing in particular:

We're all South Dakota neighbors.

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