North America’s largest food and beverage company has invested over $200 million into three major agriculture organizations.

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On Tuesday, PepsiCo announced its $216 million multi-year investments in long-term strategic partnership agreements with the organizations. These partnerships were formed with the goal to drive regenerative agriculture practices across the United States.

According to a release, PepsiCo has partnered with Practical Farmers of Iowa (PFI), Soil and Water Outcomes Fund (SWOF), and the Illinois Corn Growers Association (ICGA).

PepsiCo chief sustainability officer Jim Andrew said. “it’s critically important to partner, for the long term, with organizations that have earned the trust of farmers as they make the transition to adopting climate-smart agriculture practices. We intend to be shoulder-to-shoulder with farmers as they work to make soil healthier, sequester carbon, improve watershed health and biodiversity, and improve their livelihoods.”

Together, the partnership will help with PepsiCo’s goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by three million metric tons by 2030. This reduction would be a 40 percent reduction from the 2015 baseline.

PFI is a non-profit organization in Iowa comprised of over 6,000 members that encourage regenerative agriculture. PepsiCo’s partnership with PFI will reach around 1.5 million acres.

"PFI farmers have known for years that a supply chain that encourages farmers to grow only a couple of crops is not sustainable – it's not diverse or resilient enough for our changing world," said Sally Worley, Executive Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa.

The other partnerships will reach another 1.6 million acres; 1 million through SWOF and 600,000 through ICGA.

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