Ok, we are in the Midwest, so it’s common to see a tractor driving down the street or in a field, but what about down a lake?

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If you grew up driving tractors, you know better than to drive a tractor into a large body of water, but there are two tractors in the world that break the water rule. One in Europe, the other in Iowa.

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Back in 2018, the Iowa Farm Progress Show debuted its floating tractor. It’s been four years since the show has been in Iowa, which means it’s been four years since people could watch a tractor move around a body of water like a boat.

Jeff Miller of Mitas, taught me how to drive this unique tractor yesterday.

It's all with the rear brake. We have the brake lock off so you can have independent rear brakes and the whole intent is kind of like when you're skiing you. You press on your left ski to go right and vice versa.

Because you are only using your feet when driving this tractor in the water, I was able to video my interview with Miller so we could give a show-and-tell demonstration from inside the tractor in the middle of the pond.

When people go to the Farm Progress Show, they are looking for the latest and greatest technology in agriculture that they could bring to their farm. But how does a tractor floating in water fit into this?

Well, the tractor itself is a kind of extreme demonstration of what we talked about floatation. Obviously, we're floating on the water, there really isn't any practical application that a farmer would use it for, however, we want to start that discussion about the importance of flotation for any kind of farm equipment. So having the right tire, right application, and the right air pressure is key.

So no, you’re not going to see your neighbor floating down the river in a tractor anytime soon. Miller explained that between the Iowa and Europe tractor, there have probably been less than 20 people to ever drive this type of tractor.

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