I remember my first thought of Armour.  That's quite a name.  I wonder If they make hot dogs?  I'm sure most people have that same first thought.  Later during my school years I wondered what Armour had 'in their water.'  They sure have had some great athletes and great sports teams come out of that area.

What I have determined since then, is it's mostly hard work and living right that makes Armour, South Dakota so great.  It's really quite a community.

According to Wikipedia,

Armour was founded in 1885. The city was named for Philip D. Armour, who was founder of Armour and Company, a meat packing company. Contrary to popular belief, Armour was never home to a meat packing plant; the town was so named because Mr. Armour was also the chairman of the railroad that went through Armour and donated a bell to the local congregational church. The athletic teams of Armour High School were formerly known as the "Packers" in reference to the well known packing company, although today the high school plays its sports jointly with Tripp-Delmont High School as the "Tripp-Delmont/Armour Nighthawks."[8]

Armour is located in south central South Dakota along U.S. Highway 281. It is 90 miles west of Sioux Falls and 45 miles southwest of Mitchell.

Today, I posted on our Facebook asking for help with the Small Town of the Day.  Man, did I get some help.  I heard from Stacy Solko. She said,

For a small town, Armour sure has a lot to offer! A really amazing part of town is Lake Alcazar. Located right in town, it is an absolutely beautiful view. Next to it is the Lion's Park with cabins, camp sites, and picnic shelters with a playground area. It's really hard to describe how well kept and gorgeous it is. Amazingly we have the Lorain Theatrewhich features new releases. One of my favorites is the Carnegie Library which in itself holds a tremendous amount of history. It is like stepping back

Pic courtesy of Armour.com

when you go inside with its gorgeous woodwork of shelves holding hundreds of books. We have a swimming pool, ball diamonds, track for lawn mower races, gun and trap club, soon to be opened bowling alley, the Douglas County Museum and Country School, and a veteran's memorial in front of the court house. Our business have the friendliest owners and the Blue Moon has great food! There is probably more yet too! I moved here a little while ago and am still amazed at how amazing this small town is!

Thanks Stacy.  The only thing you left out is that you might find Brady selling sweet corn on the corner by the Co-op here in about 6 or 7 weeks.

Armour is Small Town USA. I agree the people are friendly!  I've never sat down to eat at The Blue Moon, but I have enjoyed a hamburger 'in a combine' from there and it was great!

I'll be in the Armour, Lake Andes area over the July 4th holiday visiting friends and hope to get into Armour, today's Small Town of the Day.

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