Ok, it's early.  Darn early, but I just got off the phone with my friend Dan Soulek.  Dan, farms with his Dad and brother in the Armour-Wagner area. He had shot me a quick text saying...22% moisture.  Yields are great.

I thought it was early, so I gave him a call.  Sure enough, they were cutting corn today and not for silage.

Dan said, ''you remember that rainy weekend when Harrisburg got all the rain?  We were planting.'  The field they were cutting in was planted May 5th with a 97 day variety.

My family had been out to the area several times this year to water ski at the river. While we were there you couldn't help but notice that the crops in that area look AWESOME.

It's hard to believe, but in some places across the State, harvest is underway.

I asked Dan if he'd heard of anywhere else.  His son Jared works as a salesman at C&B Operations in Wagner and he said he'd heard of some folks cutting around the Alexandria area.

Welcome to Fall!

I am including a link to a story I wrote earlier this year.  See what the crops looked like in the Wagner area while were there.

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