As Luke Bryan has sung time and time again; “rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey”. In Iowa, farmers can turn their corn into whiskey that drinkers across the Midwest can enjoy.

Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster
Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster

Century Farms Distillery in Spencer, Iowa takes corn from farmers and turns it into whiskey. I talked with Century Farms Distillery’s Katie at the Hawkeye Farm Show about what that process looks like.

So, a farmer brings us 45 bushels of corn. The start of the contract is about $4,500 in the contract, the farmer takes home one of the barrels that we age their whisky in with and it has a custom stencil on it. Then they also get 60 bottles, they can do a custom label on the side of that as well.

The whiskey is sold in liquor stores across Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

On these bottles, consumers can find a QR that shows the consumer the story behind the corn the whiskey was made out of.

Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster
Townsquare Media; Kailey Foster

And the question of the hour, can you taste the difference? Not unless a whiskey expert!

There will be a little bit of a slight nuance, but our mash bill is on all of our products are identical. So, the year that the corn was grown and harvested the location, the type of land, and whatever that was on will have minor nuances, but you'd have to be probably a whiskey expert to actually tell the difference.

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Century Farms Distillery opened its doors in 2019 and has been filling contracts with farmers for four years.

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