I believe they refer to it as the town in the valley.  Irene, SD.  They are located in southern Clay County and I'm not going to lie.  'I don't know a lot about Irene. You can find them on Highway 46 about half way from the interstate to the river.  Population 420 which is just about right.

If you've been listening to Kickin' Country this past week, you know that this is the weekend of The Irene Rodeo. They had cool weather for the Friday night performance and looks like the weather is going to be awesome for tonight's show. Load up the family and them out.

I guess I do know one person from Irene. His name is Skip Graff.  If I understood the story correctly, Skip is Mr. Elevator man in Irene.  We talked briefly at an Augustana Football game this past fall, and he introduced me to one of the finest delicacies I've ever indulged in.  A pheasant-bacon burger.  It was awesome. .

I also know that the soon to be famous musical duo 32 A.D. is from Irene. We featured a story on them earlier this fall, and it was one of the most read posts I've ever had at KIKN.com.

Other than that, I know Irene looks like a pretty normal South Dakota town.  One thing I have learned about traveling through Irene is this.  You travel the speed limit.  (I intentionally took a cover picture to include that sign.  This isn't a warning, it's a friendly reminder, when you go through Irene, follow the speed limit. Closely.

It's tough when you go through, because it's down hill both ways into town.

I want to know more about Irene.  Help us today on our Facebook at KIKNCountry.  I know you have an awesome rodeo later this summer.  I know you team up with Wakonda for your high school and I know the folks at the corner gas station, (where you can cut down to Volin) are always nice when I stop there.

You see, Irene is a good place for a quick stop on the way to the river when you don't take the Turkey Ridge Highway 18 Route. They look to have an awesome golf course that I'll have to check out some day and I hear rumor that the corner bar (don't know the name of it) is a pretty cool to hang out.

So, where is the best place for a cup of coffee in Irene?  Help us out and share with us on Facebook.  We'll add to this story throughout the day.

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