The days of lost pets on the radio are pretty much a distant memory, but today when I talked to Natasha from Irene, South Dakota I knew we were going to change things up. We need to find 'Bubbles' the African Grey. Bubbles is a bird and we would like him found.

Bubbles escaped this past weekend. He got up into the wind and disappeared in a cornfield near 451st Street near Dicks Meat Butchery near Irene. With the crop cover, chances are you'll hear Bubbles before you see him. He's known for his Kill Bill Whistle and obviously, he's not going to sound like anything you're familiar with.

So if you're in the Irene area and driving around maybe shut off the motor, give a whistle and see if he 'talks back.'

Natasha said her mom is heartbroken and they'd sure like to get the little rascal back. Bubbles that is. Bubbles the African Gray, lost in the Irene, South Dakota area.

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