Sioux Falls is pretty big.

After all, it sprawls into two counties, Lincoln and Minnehaha. There sure isn't another town in South Dakota that can do that.

Maybe not, but there is one town in South Dakota that can lay claim to, not two counties, but three!

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Right there on Highway 46, just 18 miles or so off Interstate 29, is Irene. And no, Irene doesn't claim nearly 200,00 people like Sioux Falls, but it's 440 or so residents can make the claim of calling three different counties home, depending on which part of the community you live.

You see, one part of Irene lives in Yankton county. Then there's that part over there, they call Turner county home. Oh, and those folks there? They're in Clay county.

Yes sir, a little stroll around Irene will bring your feet into three counties.

A short 55-mile drive from Sioux Falls, or an even shorter 30 miles or so from Yankton and bingo, you're in Irene. The county you're in depends on where you stop in town. It depends if you're at DK Creations, Colleen's Hair Care, Tri-County Propane, or Flowers By Kristi...or for that matter, any of the other fine businesses in Irene.

The plain fact is, there's a whole bunch of reasons for you to visit Irene, one of the many fine communities that dot the landscape in the Sunshine State. But perhaps the most unique is, you can step in three different counties while walking around town!

Me? I'll probably be at the Irene Bar and Grill on Main. I'm not sure which county I'll be in.

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