'A picture is worth a thousand words.'

That timeless nugget is credited to a newspaper editor, Tess Flanders, back in 1911. Simply put, so much can be conveyed in a single image.

Never has that been more appropriate than this week when I came across a photo of some trash discarded alongside a gravel road somewhere in Turner County, South Dakota.

At first glance, it appears to just some garbage, discarded by some thoughtless person who thinks nature is their trash can.

But upon closer inspection, this image tells a much bigger story.

EPT - Turner County

Not one, but two home pregnancy tests laying in a ditch, miles from anywhere. Can't you just feel the fear and desperation that must have accompanied the sequence of events that led to this 'littering' incident?

One thing is certain - they weren't going to trust the results from just one test, they were going to make sure!

Like any good mystery, we'll never know what really happened. But there's no doubt this will be a moment that someone out there will never forget.

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