One thing about working at a main stream country station that I don't like is the fact that  there are acts that are either bubbling under or really haven't got their legs yet and we can't/won't play on the air, or just aren't ready for the airwaves. I came across one the other day.  The name of the group is 32 A.D. Their story is kind of cool.  I asked them for a bit of background and they obliged. Oh, this is all happening just down the road in Irene, South Dakota. I love their story!  Take a minute and read it and listen to their song too:

We started performing as a band a little over a year ago at a little coffee shop in Las Animas, Colorado. Our interest in music however has been a lifelong passion. Since we were little, my brother, Dawson, and I have been learning to harmonize with each other and have always enjoyed performing for anyone who would listen.

At the age of 12, I asked my Dad for Guitar Hero for my birthday. To my surprise he showed up with an actual guitar and said, “Learn this and then you can have the game.” I began to teach myself the guitar and found my passion. At the age of 14, Dawson sat down at the drums for the first time and began to play. Everyone that was present was amazed at how easy it came to him. It was then that we realized we needed to start playing together.

After many home jam sessions we scheduled our first gig but ran into the difficult decision of what to call ourselves. We sat down in our band room and started tossing around names; this was a frustrating process for sure. Then after talking with our parents we decided to try their idea and combine our ages and initials. Dawson was 15 and I was 17, this gave us 32 A.D. Then Dawson had the bright idea to Google the year and we found that not only was that the year of the crucifixion but also the year of a very famous Nissan moon, a moon with a halo, this is where we got out Moon logo from.

Later we added in our cousin and mandolin player, Matthew Williams. We loved the depth that adding a higher pitched instrument added to our sound. We are currently working on making our first original album with help from our Uncle and song writer Henry Wiedrich.

A week ago I sat down with the intent of writing a song that could be compared to one by The Avett Brothers or Jim Croce and after about 30 minutes of digging deep finding lyrics we could relate to, Dawson and I had the first version of, “The King of Fools.” We have since added in drums and backup vocals. We have loved every second of our musical journey so far and have been fortunate to be able to combine two things in life that we love: family and music.  We look forward to many more years of bringing music to anyone who will hear it!


I love that they are so young and yet so 'engaged' and 'dialed up' on their passion.  The music industry is so hard to get started in.  But at Kickin' Country, we realize that there are young 'up and comers' that are working on their craft right now who 'could' be bigger than Garth.  You just don't know!  That's why we're doing this story.

I don't know if Alexis Logue is their publicist but she did send me the e-mail with their picture and a copy of their song 'King of Fool's.  I love the passion in her e-mail as well.

 Hello, my name is Alexis Logue. I was wondering if you would take 5 minutes out of your time to listen to this local band's song, King of Fools. The reason you should listen to this song is that we are from a small town about 45 minutes away from Sioux Falls, Irene, SD. This band, 32 A.D., consists of two brothers Ashur, 17, and Dawson, 16. The song is really fantastic and these boys are extremely talented. Please, please consider putting this song on the radio as other local stations are willing to as well. Please get back to me!

Thank You for your time,
Alexis Logue


Click on the audio player below to listen!