This morning, I was saddened to see that the people of Irene, South Dakota and Alumni of Augustana had lost a good one. I read of the passing of Skipp Graff. I met him once, but when people are good, once is enough to remember! (thanks for the intro Jeff Fylling) I looked and sure enough I found a story I had wrote about Skip, five years ago. Here it is.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Augie Viking Fan and Chef Supreme, Skip Graff.   Kickin' Country Sports Guy Jeff Fylling introduced me to Skip about an hour before the start of the Augustana-Northern State football game this past weekend (2012)  at Skip's little pre-game party.  What happened after the introduction is something I won't soon forget.  Skip introduced me to a Pheasant-Bacon Burger.

Skip mentioned that he hunts quite a bit and had stumbled across a recipe that he wanted to share.  It's really quite simple.  Half pheasant breast and half bacon.  He said,  "all you have to do is grind it up, mix it up and then grill it slow until it's done."

When you bite into one of these baby's, the outside is crunchy with the bacon melding into the outer crust and the inside is juicy, delightful heaven!  The texture of the bacon crunching up on the outer layer got my taste buds dancing right away!

I should also mention that Skip served the gem on a whole wheat bun and garnished it with a slice of tomato.  So,  the Pheasant Bacon Burger is good for you!  Sort of,  but considering most tailgating food it's way better than most!

Two words Skip.  Good Stuff!

If you were at the game that day, It was about 700 degrees in the shade. Part of meeting him was a quick sit inside his cooled off camper!

Sad to hear about Skip and another Augie super fan, Larry Borglum who I also met that day. If you know Augie Sports, you know who I'm talking about.


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