It seems everybody has a ‘Babe of the Day’ or some other gimmick to get you to click on their website. Not us. We prefer a little class. American forged steel instead of skin. Well, sometimes a little skin... but not today. It's too cold.

John Deere in snow
Photo by Andrew Ebright

Every time I drive through Beloit, Ia., which is quite often, I can't help but think of all the hidden gems and antiques in this quiet town on the South Dakota / Iowa border.

Today, we found one of those gems in my inbox.

This picture was sent in by Andrew Ebright. It's a classic Deere on a snowy day.

Great picture, Andrew!

Oh, sure. We could go on for hours with details about her crankcase, oil capacity, and bore/stroke ratio, etc. But we like to look at her for what she really is; pure American ingenuity packed with pure uninhibited lust and dust.

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