Tuesday afternoon, (April 3, 2018) was a good day for Lisa Radack of Hartford, South Dakota. Actually it was a long, drawn out day where she thought she maybe had won some money. A boat load of money. Turns out she had, with The Secret Sound on KIKN 100.5.

The TOUGH secret sound had been in play since January 8, 2018. Nearly 60 Kickin' Country listeners had tried. All came up short. Then Tuesday Afternoon, Radack finally got her chance. Her guess was simple, is it a Pocket Knife? Before I had left for an appearance, I told Corey, people are close on this. If someone guesses Jack Knife, ask them to be more specific. Turns out (true story) Corey didn't know that a Jack Knife and POCKET Knife are the same thing.

Just like on Jeopardy, sometimes the judges have to get together. We determined  that a Pocket Knife and Jack Knife are both the same, so I called her back and asked her to be more specific. And Boom! $2700!

I remember riding with my dad in a truck as a kid and asking him what it meant too 'jack knife a truck.' He explained, it's like a pocket knife, when the trailer slides around and gets ahead of the cab, it can look like a pocket knife. It stuck with me to this day. I guess not everybody had a dad who drove truck.

Things happen. But the bottom line is we try to do what's best for the listener. All the time. We awarded Radack the $2700. (yes, she knew the double down pass code too as heard on The Bobby Bones Show)

Thursday we'll have a new KIKN Secret Sound and a new jackpot as well. We'll start off at $100 and will increase $25 with each incorrect guess. One guess per household please and you must be 18 years old to play.

If you see Lisa Radack, congratulate her on her BIG Win, with The Secret Sound, on KIKN 100.5! And shout out to Monte James. He had sent me a Pocket Knife, or Jack Knife a few years ago I keep on my desk. If you see him you can blame him for the hard, KIKN Secret Sound! (Opening a Pocket Knife, or Jack Knife)

JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls
JD Collins via Sprint/Sioux Falls

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