At Kickin' Country, we've brought the Secret Sound back. And we've brought it back with a BANG!  We started out with a $2500 winner. Then $1000! We gave out a trip for two to Mexico. $500! And now, we're going to top them all!

Listen to the Big Breakfast for your chance to win a Suzuki 4-Wheeler! ( 2013-Suzuki-KingQuad-500AXi-atv)  Imagine all of the outdoor fun you could have with this rascal!  Out on the trails, you and a friend an mother nature!

Your chance to win the 4 wheeler will come with The Big Breakfast!  They'll give you a chance to call in and win the 4 wheeler with the Kickin' Secret Sound!

Side note: One guess per household on this prize please.

Here are the guesses so far.

1.) Hay baler - Adam B from Sioux Falls

2.) Closing door on truck - Jessie R. from Mitchell, SD

3.) A printer - Mary S. from Niobrara, NE

4.) Starting car with dead battery - Ashley H. from Elk Point, SD

5. An old-fashion adding machine - Clark H. from Sioux Falls, SD

6. Printing Press - Jeff F. from Sioux Falls, SD

7. Old adding machine - Johnny Gullickson, Sioux Falls, SD

8. Scraping a rake - Margret S., DeSmet, SD

9. Putting your hand in a bag of chips - Leanna O. of Lennox, SD

10. Opening a box - Tony P. of Madison, SD

11. Pop can falling out of soda machine - Cathy L. of Madison, SD

12. Stomping on paper - Chet H. from Freeman, SD

13. The end of a record on record player - Wayne M. of Sioux Falls, SD.

14.  Dribbling basketball and shuffling feet - Erica M. of Sioux Falls, SD

15. Tap dancing - Daisha Q. from Harrisburg, SD

16. Starting a 4-wheeler - Jerry W. from Brookings, SD

17. Loading rocks in dump truck - Eileen S. from Marion, SD

18. Slamming the refrigerator door -  Todd D. of Sioux Falls

19. A fax machine - Virginia K. of Freeman, SD

20. Closing up a cardboard box - Mark S. of Wagner, SD

21. Closing a garage door - Alyssa S. of Harrisburg, SD

22. Punching a boxing bag - Kim L. of Fairfax, SD

23. Horses hooves - Becky C. of Sioux Falls, SD

24. Old-fashioned copier - Steve C. of Ethan, SD

25. A needle skipping on a record - Lori A. of Sioux Falls

26. Nice Lady from Marion that Raises German Shepard Dogs-Stumbling down stairs

27. Flag Blowing in the Breeze

28. Manual Printing Machine. James of Hartford, SD

29. Sewing machine - Justin R. from Marion, SD.

30. Closing a file cabinet - Andrea E. of Sioux Falls, SD

31. An old-time slide show - Chris K. from Corsica, SD

32. Crushing aluminum cans - Dawna V. of Letcher, SD

33. Kick starting a 4-wheeler - Todd D. of Sioux Falls, SD

34. Taping up a box - Greg V. of Sioux Falls

35. Clothing in a dryer - Joe H. of Sioux Falls, SD

36. Bouncing a basketball - Girard S. of Montrose, SD

37. A bill counter - Leanne Noheart of Sioux Falls, SD

38.  Static from a cell phone - Stephen S. of Sioux Falls

39. Driving on a flat tire - Casey T. of Alexandria, SD

40. An adding machine - Mike O. of Sioux Falls, SD

41. Can crusher - Travis L. of Sioux Falls, SD

42. A postage machine - Phil U. from Sioux Falls, SD

43. A seed planter - Tara B. of Sioux Falls, SD

44. Automatic ball thrower - Gabby S. of SF

45. Opening a cardboard box - Brenda H. of Sioux Falls

46. Pull starting a small engine - Kevin H. of Humboldt, SD

47. Stapling papers - Cheryl H. of Armour, SD.

48. Setting up a drum set- Mike M. from Woonsocket, SD

49. Something rustling through the brush -  Blake H. of Letcher, SD.

50. A machine that puts the big copper staples in an appliance box - Gary G. of Garretson

51. Rolling a microphone - Sheryl B. of Mitchell, SD

52. A homemade ice cream maker - Dave H. of Chancellor, SD

53. Canopy or tarp blowing in the wind - Julius A. of Sioux Falls, SD

54. Mechanical credit card slider (with the carbon paper) - Angie M. of Sioux Falls, SD

55. Tire coming off an air compressor - Hailey Camillocci of Sioux Falls, SD

56. Tennis shoes in a dryer- Karen T. of Harrison, SD

57. Line dancing with boots on - Jeremy B. of Mitchell, SD

58. Cement falling from Redi-mix truck - Tyler M. from Orange City, Ia.

59. Silverware in drawer - Matt Sowell from Sioux Falls, SD

60. A ratchet strap on a trailer - Joanne S. of Yankton, SD

61. Cardboard boxes falling - Dave H. from Sioux Falls

62. Wrapping up tin foil - Casey L. from Sioux Falls, SD

63. An escalator - Doug G. from Garretson, SD

64. Aluminum ladder - Paula T. from Wagner, SD

65. A straight-edged razor being sharpened on a leather strap - Gene Y. from Sioux Falls

66. Change coming down the plastic chute in convenience store - Deb B. from Worthing

67. Manual paper towel in restroom - Orange City, Ia

68. A garbage disposal - Jen N. from Sioux Falls

69. A chopper chopping vegetables - Emily H. of Sioux Falls, SD

70. Shuffling a deck of cards - Tara K. of Sioux Falls, SD

71. Printing several copies on a copier machine - Liz N. of Avon, SD

72. A paper-folding machine - Susie M. of Brandon, SD

Lucky Number 73!  CONGRATULATIONS Deb B. of Worthing!  She knew the KIKN Secret Sound was the kneading of bread in a bread machine.  This Suzuki King Quad 4-Wheeler belongs to Deb!  Thanks to everyone that played the KIKN Secret Sound.

iFILE: 2013-Suzuki-KingQuad-500AXi-atv-pictures-2
Pic by Suzuki




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