While on my way bow hunting, I drive by Canistota.  One of my favorite stops was into the Hey Loft.  I believe it's closed now, but I loved talking with Bonnie and her husband about hunting and 'stuff.'  It was always a great place to stop in for a bite to eat on the way to the tree stand or when coming back.

Canistota, South Dakota is Today's Small Town of the Day!  Canistota was nominated a couple of weeks ago on our Facebook page.

Sonja Ortman Canistota! We've got Ortman Chiropractic Clinic, five local hotels, A cafe, and a brand new ball field. The best thing about this town, though, is the awesome community! You will surely be greeted with a smile when you arrive!


Canistota, like so many small towns have a great website promoting their town. According to their website:

Canistota is a growing community locatated 30 miles west of Sioux Falls and 40 miles east of Mitchell right along Interstate I-90. Canistota's population is just under 700. Canistota is home to the Ortman Chiropractic Clinic. Patients travel from across the United States and even Canada and Mexico to experience the Ortman Technique that has been passed from generation to generation over the past 90 years. Canistota is home of the Hawks. Located in the heart of Canistota, the school houses grades K-12. Enrollment for the 2008-2009 school year for grades K-12 was 224. Canistota is home to many businesses including a gas station, grocery store, laundromat, hotels, restaurants, bank, craft and antique stores, nursing home, Sanford medical clinic, newspaper, car dealership, several auto repair shops, fitness center, beauty salons, and post office. Residents of Canistota can take care of most of their needs right in town!

The website goes on to say, Canistota became the name of the new town somewhat by mistake. Major Free, a man connected with the Chicago Northwestern Railroad, named the town Canastota after his hometown, Canastota, New York. A clerical error was made when applying for a post office and the post office recorded the name as Canistota. The railroad continued call the town Canastota and the difference remained until July 28, 1919. Postmaster J.A. Beaner officially changed the name to Canistota.

So, we know about the world famous Ortman Clinic and it's rich history of helping and healing.  How about you.  Can you help?  Where's a good place to grab a bite to eat, or a cold drink on a hot summer day.  Add to our story by responding to our Facebook page.

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