With the fourth wave of COVID-19 now beginning to pick up steam in the United States, a number of places nationwide are considering bringing back some of the strict mandates that call for the wearing of masks and increased social distancing in public places.

But in South Dakota, there hasn't been a big uptick in cases, despite the Delta variant of the virus arriving in the Mount Rushmore State last month.

In fact, South Dakota, which was one of the nation's biggest coronavirus hotspots in the early days of the pandemic, now has four counties that have some of the lowest infection rates in America.

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247WallSt is reporting that Day, Douglas, Stanley, and Ziebach Counties in South Dakota each have only five COVID cases per 100,000, putting them among the lowest in the country. That despite the overall vaccination rates in those counties running well below the state average of 57 percent, according to the latest figures from the South Dakota Department of Health.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been 109,428 cases of coronavirus in South Dakota, with 2,040 deaths and 6,487 hospitalizations.


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