Do You Have To Wear a Mask in an Uber?

You can ditch your facial mask for the first time in almost two years, the next time you hail a Lyft or Uber in Sioux Falls.

In a move that resembles life prior to March of 2020, the two major rideshare platforms in the nation dropped their mask mandates for riders and drivers effective on Tuesday, (April 19).

The decision came just one day after a federal judge in Florida put a kibosh on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national mask requirement for travel on planes and other public transportation.

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As Dakota News Now reports, Lyft is now following a mask is optional policy. However, the rideshare company still expects people to be respectful, by following their community guidelines, and not riding or driving if they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Here is a portion of the official statement released by Lyft on Tuesday, “Wearing masks on transportation may still be required by law in some areas, and we encourage riders and drivers to check their local public health requirements before using Lyft."

Where does the CDC stand in the wake of Monday's Federal Court ruling?

According to Dakota News Now, the CDC still recommends wearing a mask while using public transportation if you have certain personal risk factors and/or high transmission levels in your area.

The CDC posted the following message on their site after Monday's ruling:

"Remember: many people still feel safer wearing a mask because of personal or family health situations, so please be respectful of their preferences. And if you ever feel uncomfortable, you can always cancel the trip.”

Following Monday's court ruling, the U.S. Transportation Safety Administration made the decision to no longer enforce masking at airports while the CDC reviews the court order.

Most of the airlines in the country have also now switched to mask-optional policies following this week's Federal Court ruling.

Source: Dakota News Now


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