Ree Drummond AKA 'The Pioneer Woman' has made a name for herself through a cooking and lifestyle blog that was then turned into a Food Network show, The Pioneer Woman.

She lives on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma with her family hence the name 'The Pioneer Woman'.

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She also has a line of cookware and kitchen gadgets at Walmart. She and her family also have opened many businesses/restaurants in Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

She has four biological children and one foster son. Her youngest son, Todd, is quite the high school football star. And, he recently paid a visit to South Dakota State University in Brookings!



Her other kids Alex, Paige, Bryce, and Jamar have all attended other colleges. Her oldest daughter, Alex, went to Texas A&M. Paige goes to the University of Arkansas. Bryce attends and plays football at the University of North Texas while Jamar attends and plays football at the University of Central Oklahoma.

The other kids all stayed a bit closer to home and/or in the South.

Could Todd be the one to break that trend?

Full disclosure, I watch The Pioneer Woman every Saturday morning. If her son, Todd,  ends up going to SDSU, I might have to attend a few home games in the hope that Ree is there rooting for her son.

I have picture evidence that she does it for her other kids! See below.

I don't want to put the cart before the horse, but let me be the first to welcome The Drummonds to South Dakota!




UPDATE: Since the original posting of this story (April 18, 2022), another South Dakota college threw its hat in the ring. The University of South Dakota in Vermillion has made an offer!



Will Todd be a Jackrabbit or a Coyote? Brookings or Vermillion? I have no dog in this fight, I just want Ree to come to South Dakota so I can meet her. Seeya soon, Ree!    


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