Monday, I took a call over the lunch hour from a guy out stacking bales.  Actually, he was lining up the bales out in the field, or next to the fence line for easy pick up later on.  He requested, Florida Georgia Line's  Round Here.  Cool thing about the request, 'they mention stacking bales in the song!'

Oh, did I mention that the call came from Kimball, South Dakota.  I thought was an omen that we best  designated Kimball, SD our Small Town of the Day.

I've been by or through Kimball thousands of times during my life.  Not quite all the way to Chamberlain is where it's located if your headed west on I-90.  I call it, my 20 minutes to Chamberlain town.

Kimball is also a popular spot for stopping with a truck, 'Ditty's is along the way' and features plenty of parking, and if you trust their billboards along the interstate, they don't have snotty waitresses there either.

I always equate Kimball to 'a truck stop town.'  For years growing up, we stopped, either for fuel or to eat at the truck stop in Kimball.  The one I remember growing up is now closed on the south side of the interstate.  The new one is on the north side.

As you can well imagine, Kimball, South Dakota is more than a 'truck stop town.'  In fact if you check the towns web-site, you see that Desperado Days are coming up toward the end of the month.

So, how did Kimball, SD get it's name?  According to Wikipedia:

Kimball was first known as Stake 48 on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad line going west out of Mitchell, South Dakota. In 1880, the first homestead claims were made in the vicinity of Stake 48. Kimball was organized as a village in the spring of 1883.[7] It was named for J.W. Kimball, a surveyor.[8]

Kimball, is home of the Kiotes.  I love the K on the front of the Coyotes name.  Being from Kennebec, Dakota (home of the Kanaries- 'now part of Lyman Raiders) I am amused how they changed the first letter in the name to go along with the first letter of the towns.

I mentioned Ditty's, the restaurant that's tied in with the truck stop along the highway.  Other than Ditty's, what are some other places for a cup of coffee.  Perhaps a cold beer?

Tracey Orsburn WalshStop by A&M Market for your grocery needs, Casino Bar and Lounge, Club Vega, or Soak and Suds to enjoy a cold beverage, you can have a steak at Club Vega as well.... or need an ice cream break - stop by the Frosty King. Need your oil changed or new tires, check out Overweg Repair, a place to lay your head Dakota Winds, or during Desperado Days stop by the The Back 40 restaurant/coffee shop opens that weekend, Kimball Clark for your convenience store needs, Countryside Vet Clinic for your pet and livestock needs, and don't forget....Kimball is home to the Original Kimball popcorn ball. Stop and look around the Tractor Museum or take a hike through the Native Prairie Garden....or take a dip in the local swimming pool and more! Kimball Check us Out!

We would love to know and add to the story as the day goes on.

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