A story came out about a woman who was horrified when she learned that her boyfriend of six years likes to dress and act like a baby. He hid the fetish from her for years and now she’s not sure what to do.

Morgan is in a new relationship so Bobby Bones asked her what she would do if her boyfriend told her he liked to be treated and dressed like a baby. She shared that it would be tough, especially if you plan to have kids with this person because then you have multiple children to take care of. She said it would be a significant red flag for her and she wouldn’t be able to be in a relationship with them and that the person has some growing up to do.

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Bones then asked if her partner dressed and acted like a baby for an hour once a week and everything else was perfect if she would still end it and Morgan shared that she wouldn’t be so quick to then but would still feel uncomfortable. Amy suggested that it might be a trauma response and that the person needs help and should go to therapy. They think it’s weird, but they aren’t going to judge and have compassion for it.

When asked if they would rather be with someone who likes to be a baby for one hour a week or with someone who secretly robs banks, Bones said the baby because the robber would eventually get caught and go to jail and you’d lose your partner forever. Compared to the baby fetish that could possibly be fixed. Everyone agreed neither were great options, but dating is hard these days. And if someone acts like a baby, they aren’t hurting anyone but should probably get help!

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