They've been known to hop, crawl, fly or squirm and now they just might be hopping, crawling, flying or squirming onto your plate. For those who are somewhat squeamish around insects, especially when food is involved, this might not be for you.

More and more businesses are being created to meet the demand of people that have a growing appetite for crickets, mealworms and other edible insects. Not only are they attracting people who already dine on insect cuisine, but the upstarts are doing their best to persuade even more people to eat bugs.

The United Nations has already been promoting edible insects as a way to improve people's nutrition, reduce gas emissions and create more jobs in the are of insect production.  But the bug-eating start-up businesses also feel the extra benefits of bug eating include additional sources of protein in people's diets and a reduced use of resources. After all, raising bugs will take up less land space, food and water.

Until consumers get over the stigma of eating insects for meals and snacks, several insect startups like Bitty Foods, Tiny Farms and Don Bugito PreHispanic Snackeria will continue to try to persuade people to give them a try. Unfortunately, bug eating will probably be a tough sell for many people. After all, many of us are more likely to squish bugs than think of then as a tasty treat.