First, it was mosquitos, then the flies and noisy cicadas. Now, in all their splendor, we have the seasonal Boxelder bug making its annual appearance.

The warm sunny fall days we've been enjoying have also awakened the little half-inch long brown and black-winged pests. And they will be around for as long as Mother Nature provides comfortable temps.

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So, what draws the Boxelder bug? Boxelder trees. And I don't have any in my yard or the neighborhood. But the Boxelder tree is a maple. And I have plenty of those which are the primary food source for the namesake bug.

Just walk out your front door to retrieve your mail. Come back in the house and, chances are you've picked up a few on your clothing as they fly around.

They don't bite, sting, or carry any diseases. They are just a pain in the @$$! You step on one and, they stink. Plus, they stain.

Good luck with getting rid of them. That could be a full-time job. One site offers a few tips, like spraying them with dish soap.

Oh, and just so you know, the little red and black spotted Lady Bugs are still to come.


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