Given the current state of farming - high costs and low prices - there seems to be a growing hunger for insects in this country; crickets in particular.

More and more livestock farmers are deciding to go an alternative route by raising crickets, described as "an eco-friendly alternative to meat."

Before you turn up your nose and say, "Yuk!", I have to say, I've had the opportunity to taste crickets - cooked - and they're not that bad.

Once you get past the fact that you're eating a bug, they reminded me a lot of a potato chip but without the taste (I thought they were kind of bland).

I've also had them covered in chocolate - and they were FANTASTIC - just like a crunchy chocolate bar.

Interest in insect consumption has spiked since a 2013 United Nations study found that the protein packed in crickets could help curb world hunger.

Those with an appetite for the bug say if only a fraction of the U.S. replaced their meat consumption with crickets, so much would be saved.

Millions of gallons of water used for irrigation and livestock consumption would be saved, as well as a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from machinery.

So if you ever find yourself in a place where you have the opportunity to dine on a cricket - do it - you might just like it.

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