In December of 2020, Inc. announced plans to build a fulfillment center in Sioux Falls. It will be the first in South Dakota.

Plans are for the new Amazon fulfillment center to become operational in 2022. When it does, the company says that the facility will employ around 1,000 people full-time.

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Where Is the Amazon Building in Sioux Falls?

The 80-acre Amazon complex is being constructed at Foundation Park in northwest Sioux Falls at the intersection on Interstates 29 and 90.

Foundation Park is an industrial development site that already has attracted businesses like CJ Foods, Dakota Carriers Nordica Warehouses, Inc., Tessier’s, and WinChill Cold Storage to build there.

Google Mapa
Google Mapa
Sioux Falls Development
Sioux Falls Development

How Big Is the Amazon Building in Sioux Falls?

The new Amazon Fulfillment center being built in Sioux Falls could end up being the biggest building in the City, maybe even the state.

Plans call for the facility to be five stories tall with a 640,000 square foot footprint, and 2.9 million square feet total.

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Amazon Construction, June 2021 (South Dakota Drone/YouTube )
Amazon Construction, June 2021 (South Dakota Drone/YouTube)


Amazon Construction, April 2021 (PHOTO : JD Collins/TSM)
Amazon Construction, April 2021 (PHOTO : JD Collins/TSM)
"If you look to the north around the Marion Road exit on I-90 chances are you'll see it. From a distance it is impressive, but when you get a little closer you realize the massiveness of this structure." - JD Collins
Amazon Construction, April 2021 (PHOTO : JD Collins/TSM)
Amazon Construction, April 2021 (PHOTO : JD Collins/TSM)



 When Will Amazon be Hiring in Sioux Falls?

SiouxFalls.Business reported in December 2020 that Amazon will begin hiring for the Sioux Falls facility sometime in 2022.

Amazon said in a statement that the Sioux Falls facility will create "...1,000 full-time jobs with industry-leading pay and comprehensive benefits starting on day one."

People interested can keep an eye on Amazon's website for when hiring starts.

What Does an Amazon Fulfillment Center Do?

In a statement, Amazon says that "...employees will work alongside Amazon robotics to pick, pack and ship small items to customers such as books, electronics and toys."

Products that Amazon sells come to the facility, are stored, and then as orders are made the items are found and shipped.

"When the order comes in, a robot brings pods full of items to associates working at pick stations. The picker reads the screen, retrieves the correct item from the bin, and places it into a yellow plastic box called a tote." - Amazon

Amazon has over 100 fulfillment centers across the United States.

There are six centers operating or being built in Minnesota as of December 2021:

  • Brooklyn Park
  • Lakeville 
  • Maple Grove 
  • Shakopee
  • St. Cloud 
  • Woodbury (opening 2022)

In Nebraska, there is one in Papillion, near Omaha. North Dakota also has one in Fargo.

Iowa currently has three facilities; in Bondurant, Council Bluffs, and Davenport (opening 2022).


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